Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blooming True ~ Week 4

Apparently I am a little behind on my posting.  
Travel and birthday's and such diverted my attention 
for a little bit.  
Week 4 was about vulnerability,
lessons learned, work with what's working 
and stepping up to the edge being brave.  
Easier said then done for all of the above.
To have the courage to be vulnerable, like sharing layers 
of paintings when you have no idea where they are going. 
Lessons learned, like what colors mix and make 
beautiful colors.  And maybe not every step of the 
process in this course works for everyone.
Finding a color, a spot or a line that you like in 
the painting to expand upon. 
Stepping up to the edge of fear  and being willing
to step off the edge and see what happens. 

I found the below quote in week 4 and it really spoke to me.
Be willing to step up to the edge and "let go"
Which is right there with my theme for 2014
of letting go. 

Below are week 4's layers. 
Thinking at this point that Canvas 1 is going to turn
 into peacock feathers? 

Canvas One
Layer 7

Canvas One
Layer 8 
Canvas Two
Layer 7

As you've probably figured out by now,
don't get too attached to any part of these paintings
as I can promise they will continue to evolve and change! :-)
With one week of the course left to go,
I am thinking there will Not be a finished painting
at the end of next week.

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