Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blooming True ~ Week Two

Sorry I am a bit behind with my blog post.
I had a little computer interruptous!
My trusty old (7 year old) laptop has decided she's a bit tired. :-(
Apparently, in Apple terms, she is obsolete. 
After a week with the tech, a good rest and a new computer on it's way.
I am giving it my best shot to get this post out before the old gal
decides to not work again. 

Week Two of Bloom True 
had us "Letting Go"
Which is great since that is my theme for this year as well. 
We were encouraged to RELEASE whatever
is getting in our way of being able to 
Play. Be Silly. Be Messy
When we "let go" of something we make room to "let in" something new.

As I stood before my canvases to add a third layer,
I put on some good music and did my best to 
let go of the critic in my head. 
The only rule was to be free and just put paint on the canvas.
I was hoping to show you what both canvases looked like
after the third layer.  However, I am once again
experiencing technical difficulties.  :-( 

Canvas 1
After third layer
As with the first two layers, I was able to let go more on Canvas One, 
but surprisingly I really liked both canvases and was amazed at how
different they were from each other.  Even though I used the 
same colors on both. 
I am so bummed I can't get Canvas 2 to load!

Later on in the week we were to add a fourth layer.
This time using just black and white. 
The rule for this layer was:
To commit to painting layer 4 with pure wild abandon!
I think I took the wild abandon to heart. 
However, afterwards I realized that using black and white sparingly
might have been a wiser move.

Canvas 1
B&W layer
Canvas 2
B&W layer
After the B&W layer was done, I was definitely not liking 
these canvases as much anymore.

We had one more layer to go in week two and that was a
translucent layer. 
I thought to myself, this has got to help cover up all this white! 
Again still not loving the result.
I had definitely entered into what is called "the awkward teenage phase" 
of my paintings. 

Canvas 1
Translucent Layer

Canvas 2
Translucent Layer
What happens in week three, you get to wait just like I had to
to find out where these canvases are going?
Only time will tell.

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