Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creation of a Phoenix ~ Part Two

Part Two: The Head
Yes, I am going to tease you and only show you bits and pieces.  
It took me months to paint this one, so I need to slowly expose her.
What I will tell you is that the 3 pictures above come from the face and head.  If you have been following along all year (2014) then you might notice a few things are different about Phoenix #7.  As you may be aware, each Phoenix has morphed and changed.  This one is no exception.  The more astute will recognize that the beak has changed.  Some of things that have morphed are; around the eye has gotten more elaborate. The Phoenix seems to be flaming just a bit differently.  Oh, and there is more yellow in this one.  To see how they've morphed over the year, Click Gallery
At this point in the painting things were moving along quite quickly.  Each day more and more of the canvas was being covered.  I was thinking to myself, at this rate I'll be blazing my way through this painting in no time.  One must never assume the Muse has the same idea as I was soon to find out......
Yup, this is where I am leaving you.  As they say, leave them wanting more. :-)

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Creation of a Phoenix ~ Part One

Part One: The beginning
I must confess.  I've been holding out on all of you.  I started this painting back in April and didn't actually finish it till the first week of November.  I didn't realize it had taken me so long to paint this Phoenix, but........... I guess it did. Apparently I am a slow painter! :-)
It is 24"x36" the largest painting I've done in about 2 years.
Of course I am going to tease you a bit before I unveil the finished painting.  It took me 6 months to paint.  I can't share the full monty right off the bat.  That just wouldn't be fair.
This piece took me about 3 weeks of sketching and decision making, such as what size canvas to use before any paint touched the canvas.
Starting with a clean palette and my favorite colors of paint. I picked up my beloved palette knife, crossed my fingers and hope for the best.  Starting with the eye (yes, I always start with the eye) I put down a mark of paint, stopped thinking and let the muse take over. It is usually best for me to stop thinking.  Thinking just gets in the way and reeks all sorts of havoc!
With that, this is where I shall leave you hanging till the next post.  Which hopefully won't take me 6 months to write. LOL

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