Saturday, February 22, 2014

A rocky start to the New Year

The New Year started of with a Bang!
And not necessarily a good one.
Apparently I picked up the H1N1 flu, or something just a bad
and on Jan.2 I was down and out for the count.
It took me close to 3 weeks to start feeling human again.
Needless to say, that was pretty much all she wrote for January.
Getting back into the creative groove has been a bit challenging.
So to try and kick start the creative juices I decided to try
something new and completely out of the box. 
I signed up for a 5 week online art workshop called Bloom True
with Flora Bowley. 
Last week was the start of the workshop.
Monday had me setting up a new creative space for myself.
Needed a separate acrylic painting station 
away from my oil paints and needed 
to protect the walls and carpets from being covered with paint.
Which was a smart move! LOL

Day 1
Adding a creative space next to my
sacred morning journaling space. 

Tuesday had me working in acrylic (a medium I know nothing about),
dropping paint on canvases, spraying water to make things drip
and finger painting. 
Yes, I am totally outside my comfort zone! 
But I must say was a whole lot of fun!

Day 2
Dropping paint on the canvas on the floor
Painting with my hands on the wall canvas

 Day 3 had me creating a positive affirmation and making a
deck of cards with positive, empowering words on them.
I decided to take a "study" I had done on paper quite some time ago,
 cut it out and use it
to put my affirmation on as well as my positive words.
I didn't see the symbolism until after I had completed the exercise.
The empowering words emerging has been quite powerful!

Day 3
Affirmation Goddess
Day 4 my exercise was to take a "selfie"
I will say this was quite the challenging exercise.
But after about 20 takes, I did manage to get a picture I like.
Apparently, this angle and lighting takes about 20 pounds off!
Wish it were that easy! LOL
Must remember this angle for the future!

Day 4
My selfie
Day 5 our exercise was to take cool colors and pretty much cover
our canvases trying to "Let Go" and not think the whole
time your putting color on the canvas.  
Much easier said then done. 
I was able to "let go" much more on 
canvas one but my head started to kick in on 
canvas two!
Day 5
Putting cool colors over the warm colors
This is the finger painted canvas

Day 5
Putting cool colors over the warm colors
This the drop and spray canvas

I will say, it has been a LOT of fun getting my fingers into the paint!
Will continue to try to "Let Go" and Let Happen on the canvas.
It'll definitely be interesting to see where this journey takes me! :-)

To  check out Flora Bowley's 
online course, click the link below.

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