Monday, March 18, 2013

Jelaine's Cup, well sort of.........

Glass Study #12, Jelaine's Cup
6"x6" Oil on Archival Board
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One of my FAVorite contemporary realism artist is
Jelaine Faunce.
I've been following her work for a couple of years
and absolutely LOVE her paintings of glass.
I had the opportunity to meet Jelaine last summer, while
talking with her, I asked if she would do a
tutorial on how she paints her glass paintings.
After a LOT of patience she finally did one.
As you can probably guess, Jelaine's technique and mine are
at 2 ends of the spectrum.
She paints with ultra fine brushes and I paint
with a palette knife.
At first I tried my hardest to use a paint brush, but
to keep my sanity after 2 days I
turned to my beloved palette knife to finish the tutorial.
Definitely not the ultra smooth realism
that Jelaine gets but for the first try not to bad.

Jelaine's Website
Glass Demo Tutorial

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Emerging ~ Original Oil by Karen Balon

8"x16" Original Oil on Archival board

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After doing "traditional" type paintings in February
I felt the strong desire and need to get back to my Roots.
The longing to paint something from my own
creative visions.
I've been playing with this piece in my sketchbook
and it kept calling to me,
Paint me, Paint me.
So I did.
I originally thought of it to be not only a sensual piece
but also a very feminine piece.
Then after it was painted I realized there was a
definite combination of Both
male and female qualities in this painting.
However, for me, there is definitely
a female emerging.
I also see myself playing with the theme more
in the future and seeing
where it takes me.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February's Original Oil Paintings with Palette Knife

GameFace 8"x16" Oil on Archival Board
Sherman Zwicker 12"x12" Oil on Archival Board
Rule the Roost 12"x12" Oil on Archival Board
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Closer Look

Here are February's Paintings.
Just about one a week.
Yes, I know there are 4 weeks in February
but I had a good friend from out of town
visiting the last week of
the month so didn't get a painting done last week.
Scroll down the page for a more in depth look at each
painting individually

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rule the Roost

Rule the Roost
12"x12" Original Oil on Archival Board
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Closer Look

A friend of mine who use to raise chickens said this guy 
would win top prize at the fair.  

Decided after painting the very traditional
Sherman Zwicker boat
that I needed to paint something loose, fun and fast. 
There are a lot of new Rooster colors in this one for me
but I loved using the blues.  
Not sure when the next Rooster will be painted,
but a fair warning,
I found a great book of chickens in the
bargain isle at Barnes and Noble last week.  
I would venture to guess that I'll be painting more roosters
in the near future.

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