Saturday, September 28, 2013


8"x16" Original Oil on Archival Panel
Click Here for a Closer Look

When I sat in front of this blank canvas
 I honestly had no idea what I was going to paint,
except for two things. I knew I wanted an "eye" and 
these colors.
Which are completely out of my normal palatte,
but I LOVE these colors and have been
wanted to use them in a painting.

Once I got the Eye painted,
I just let my inner muse take over.
I didn't think,
I just doodled.
Not long into the painting
my second muse, aka my husband said to me,
that reminds me of RA.
My response was, what is RA?
I had no clue about this symbol 

but apparently muse #2 did.
I didn't look up the symbol till after I was 
finished painting.
I definitely see where he was coming from.
It also feels like a dragon o me.
Hence the name dRAgon.
I found the description of RA 
in wikipedia to be quite interesting.  
identified primarily with the midday sun. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it is thought that if not a word for 'sun' it may be a variant of or linked to words meaning 'creative power' 
Those of you who know me and follow my art,
know that I have an innate connection with the sun
and that I feel it gives me creative power. 
So I see it as only natural that my muse 
would have me paint 
a symbol that has a connection to the sun.

Thanks for letting me share my art with you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


6"x6" Oil on Canvas
Click Here for a Larger View

Here's another of what I call one of
my little "Doodles"
Again I had absolutely no clue as to what
I was going to paint?
I set out some of my favorite colors
on the palatte, knew that I wanted an eye
and from there I just let my muse direct my
palatte knife to wherever she fancied for it to go.
Apparently she wanted to go in circles.
Maybe she's trying to tell me something???

As always, thanks for letting me share my art with you.

Friday, September 20, 2013

30 Days of Painting Continues

6"x6" Oil on Canvas
Click for a Closer Look

For those of you following my
30 days of painting in September may be wondering
how I am doing or where I've been.
To start with, I have been almost just about
been painting daily.
But, shhhhh.....don't tell that I might have missed
one or two days.
However, just because you haven't seen a
posting lately only means my camera
and I have been having a hard time capturing
acceptable photos.

This little piece came about because I felt like
painting a little sunflower and lots of tendrils.
As I painted a Mandela also appeared.
I must say, I do enjoy painting sunflowers.
Always so bright, sunny and cheery.

Monday, September 2, 2013

30 days of painting, here we go again.

30 paintings in 30 days you say?  

Yes, I am kind of sort of doing another 30 paintings in 30 days.  Or more like I am committing to painting every day for the next 30 days.  

First off, I paint way to slow to do a painting a day. 
Second, I am not really in the mood to do 30 little paintings.  I've been waiting to go bigger and I think my mojo has finally caught up with this desire. 
Third, the point of painting 30 paintings in 30 days is to get you painting every day.  So that is what I'll be doing.  This should in turn mean you'll be receiving an email a bit more frequently this month with some new painting insights.  I will say, if all continues to go well, the painting I am working on right now will be a good one.  
We shall see? :-)

In the meantime. please enjoy one of my most 
favorite paintings. 

The Space Between
16"s16" Original Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Click for a Closer Look

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