Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Return of the Phoenix

12"x24" original Oil on gallery wrap Canvas

As some of you know, 
my muse has had a wee bit of a fascination
with the Mythical Creature 
The Phoenix.

This is the third Phoenix I've painted and I'll let the cat out of the bag,

there are more on the way.
I finished this one just before Thanksgiving.
Yes, I am a little behind in posting my paintings. 
These Phoenix's just seem to want to flow out 

of me and insist on being born.
I loved that my muse gave her such
an elaborate headdress and lots of color. 

As well as the cosmos background. 
One note of interest that I see anyway,
is the wing can also be seen 
as other objects when just looking at the wing. 
Which is a pleasant plus.
Do you see anything besides a wing?

As always, thanks for letting me share my artwork with you.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bloom True ~ Week 5

The Fifth and Final week
This week had me feeling quite stuck and frustrated. 
I was missing the fun, loose relaxed abstractness of 
the first couple of weeks.  
I kept looking at my two canvases wondering where on
earth these were going to take me and not sure
it was going to be anywhere. 
I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I realized
that at the end of the 5 weeks I wasn't going to
end up with a finished painting. 
At the writing of this blog, a few weeks past week 5, I have
only finished one of the canvases. 
Which is canvas one. 
Though after looking at the pictures and being 
reminded of how colorful it was I am not 
100% thrilled with the outcome. 
But you'll have to wait to see the finished piece. 

Canvas One
Layer 9  This was the Peacock canvas

Canvas One
Layer 10

Canvas Two
Layer 9

Canvas Two
Layer 10  Got Bold and added marks and color
I will admit it was fun to be Brave, Bold and 
step out of my comfort zone.  
I did learn that I love to paint with me fingers and dripping
dropping and letting the paint run.
I can see myself creating abstracts in the future
using the technique of the first few layers
but no more black and white for this girl.
It'll be interesting to see if I integrate 
any of these techniques into my daily painting life?
For now, I'll say that I am happily back to my beloved oils
with my best friend colors.
I did procrastinate getting back to the canvas,
but now that I am back I've been 
painting daily. 

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