Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brad's Martini

Brad's Martini
6"x6" Original Oil on Archival Board
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Those of you who have been following me
know that I've been focusing this year on learning to render glass in oil paint.
And for the ones counting this would be lucky #13.

My husband Brad and I enjoy cocktail hour frequently
and he loves martini's with olives
well shaken with one or two ice cubes.
I will say, I make one mean martini.
One evening while I was making his drink I decided to
take some photos at differing angles and light
and have been wanting to paint this glass for a while.
However, it's a tricky one as the glass is clear
as well as the liquid in it.
I finally decided to throw caution and
the little voice in my head to the wind and go for it.
I think I must have succeeded as every time I look
at the painting
I want to reach out and take a drink.

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