Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Days of Painting ~ Glass Study #6 Blue & Green Glass

Glass Study #6 ~ Blue & Green Glass
8"x8" Oil on Archival Board
Click for a Larger View

Making just a little more progress rendering glass 
in oil paints!
Glass Study #6 I believe is my best one so far.  
Though I have started study #7 so stay tuned.
Some of my astute artist friends, if you look closely 
or go to the larger view 
you may notice a few brush strokes (shhh, don't tell)
I know, another traditional painting AND brush strokes!
Can you believe it???

Sadly, I have fallen off the wagon of 30 days of painting.
However, the reason for this was because I was
in Scottsdale AZ 
going from gallery to gallery viewing LOTS of art.  
So in a way I was painting with my eyes and memories, 
does that count?  I am going for it.  :-)

I am back home now and back to the paints with lots of
inspiration and ideas! 
We shall see what these ideas turn into?

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