Saturday, October 12, 2013

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun
8"x16" original oil on archival panel
Click for a Closer Look

Some artist have one muse,
and some have more then one.
I happen to be lucky enough to
have at least 3 muses.
The one within me.
Muse number 2, aka my husband.
And, muse number 3, a good friend who I met 20
years ago while living in TX.
 A year ago when I started painting Rooster's, 

muse #3 put a little bug in my ear
about possibly of painting the
mythical bird, the Phoenix.
Apparently, these things take a while to
marinate with muse #1.
The marinating however, has definitely taken hold,
as there are many more of these to come.
This first one is for you Jason.
Thank you for your insightful input.
I appreciate your support and encouragement.

As always, thank you for letting me share my art with you. Cheers! 

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