Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting my Mojo back.....slowly


6"x6" Original Oil on Archival Panel

Click for a Closer Look

Some of you may have noticed that it's been
a while since my last post.
Apparently, summer in Vegas sucks the creative
mojo life right out of me!
One day a few weeks back, I was
talking with my teacher, mentor and
a very dear and wise friend.
In her no nonsense words, she said:
"Karen, I don't care if the only thing that
you can paint is fucking circles,
just get to your painting
table and PAINT!"
So I did what I was told to do (for once)
I put out my favorite colors on my palette.
I started with a beloved swirl.
Stopped thinking and just let myself play with color.
It took me 3 days to paint what you see here.
I am a very slow painter. :-)
But I am happy with the results.

Since that kick in the butt 3 weeks ago
(thank you Jeanne),
I have painted at least a little bit,
almost daily.
This is a very good thing!

As always, thanks for letting me share
my art with you and spending a few moments of your time with me.


  1. I was scrolling through yesterday's paintings on Leslie's site and hadn't really thought to stop on any of them since there's a whole new batch today (wow!), but this GRABBED my attention on the thumbnails and I had to come visit. I love it, but I think I love today's more! Looking forward to dropping by again to see what you're doing.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      Yes there are a LOT of paintings to scroll through each day. Thank you for coming to visit :-) Of course I had to go check your stuff out as well. I see that we both have a love affair of scrolls, tendrils and swirls. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work as the month continues.
      My goal with the 30 in 30 really is to be sure to paint daily but I am a very slow painter and am not in the mood to paint 30 small paintings, so for me it'll be more like 30 days of painting instead. I do hope to post a couple times a week though. I promise they will be colorful as I do LOVE color. :-)
      Great meeting you!


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