Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sun "Storm" for the Winter Solstice

6"x6" on Archival Board
Available unframed or framed
For a Larger View, Click

 I've been in a creative Funk!
Partly because the days are short and my energy is low.

Partly because I've been
learning/teaching myself to paint glass and
none are suitable for viewing yet.

When I am in a Really BIG creative Funk I turn to painting the Sun.
I don't know what it is about the Sun?
But it is the one thing that I can sit down and start off the same
way every time and just let them flow out of me.
Each one comes out in it's own unique way and I never have
a clue as to what it is really going to look like
until the muse says to me I am finished.
They don't take me very long to do and they are quite relaxing to paint.
I Love their fiery color and the wonderful texture they get
due to my use of the palette knife.

As we get closer to the winter solstice
and deep in the dark of the longest night.
Sing to the newborn Sun
and may this fiery Sun Storm warm you from within.

Please feel free to hang out in the warmth and fiery energy of this sun 
and then pass it along to someone else
who might be in the need of it's energy as well. 

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