Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tumbling Series

Tumbling 1, 2, 3 & 4
Each painting is 12"x12" Oil on Canvas
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Tumbling, like a jellyfish caught in a water current tumbling carelessly and freely head over heels. 

I had not planned on these paintings to be their own series.  I started with Tumbling 1 to go with a series I had started previously.  Once number 1 was done I kept rotating it 90 degrees to see which way I liked it and asked my muse (aka my husband) and he said to me, "what if you did a study with each one going in a different direction.  Up, down, right and left?  I thought to myself, well that's a thought.  I got out 3 more canvas's and went to work.  Each one was started pretty much the same way but as with all my tendrils they take on a life of their own and intuitively show me how they want to be.  Each painting also decided which direction it ultimately wanted to be in.  

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